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Starting from the 25th of June, Soakwoods has launched it's collaboration with LoisWrites Spoken Word & Poetry with its range of positivity/affirmation merchandise beginning with wall art and necklaces.

The 'Wisdom' Necklace

This first item is crafted to remind you of the wisdom within and how powerful the act of being wise in situations truly is. Accompanied by the wise old owl, you are sure to have a mindset ready for the good days, the bad days and those in between!

The 'Created With Character' Necklace

The second item that Soakwoods has in store is the 'Created With Character' Necklace! Be confident in knowing you have a carefully created and formed character that can grow and glow if you let it!

The 'Make Your Mark/Make It Good' Framed Poster

Soakwoods third product that has been launched is a reminder that your mark on this world is valuable and vitally important! Now that you know this, make sure that mark is in fact a good one!

The 'Actions/Words/Intentions' Framed Poster

And finally, the last product that Soakwoods is very happy to present is the 'Actions/Words/Intentions' Framed Poster which plays on the phrase that reminds us of the power of actions but firstly projects the ever present value of intentions and the truth they bear.

So, overall Soakwoods is building bigger and better but ultimately this is a journey. The question is will you join Soakwoods on this journey through pushes the power of positivity and inspirational words to remind the world that happiness begins with remembering you matter and you can make a difference!

-Soakwoods :)

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